Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pain and Validation

5.9.05 Cabaret Metro Chicago

It's sad to say, but I'm old. And decrepit. For standing at a concert, which I have done hundreds of times in my life, now brings pain and discomfort to my legs after about an hour. Which means my days of going to shows at the Metro, Aragon, Eagles Ballroom (in Milwaukee) and other venues without seating may be over.

Which would be a damn shame, because I'd miss out on (suffering through) shows like last night's excellent Stereophonics show at the Metro. For the first time in six tries, the Stereophonics gave me a show that truly justified my affinity for them. And I had to go get a beer in the middle of it, I was in so much pain.

But Kelly Jones was nice to the crowd for a change, the setlist was heavy on the new album, which came alive live, but also featured favorites like A Thousand Trees, The Bartender and the Thief and Local Boy in the Photograph.

Why this band can't "break" in America I'll never know. But I'll keep supporting them, at least as long as my legs support me.

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