Friday, March 26, 2010

He Brought Music Into Greater Focus

Jim Marshall
Music Photographer

I didn't know the name Jim Marshall--well, not as a famous rock photographer, only as the Minnesota Viking with the wrong-way touchdown--but I've certainly seen many of his photographs over the years. So in seeing on that he passed away this week, I've just looked at many of his iconic photographs, a few through the Rolling Stone piece (reprinted from Marshall's latest book, Trust) and many more on Marshall's own in-depth website,

If you love rock 'n roll, as well as Jazz, Country, Soul and other musical forms, I suggest you take a look at some of Jim Marshall's remarkable pictures through the links above. I've taken the liberty to copy a few of my favorites to post below. As I said, I really didn't know of Jim Marshall until he died, but he certainly had a gift for capturing some of music's greatest icons, often in very unique fashion.

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