Monday, June 28, 2010

Hopefully This Post Won't Be Disallowed

(the above photo is of a goal that didn't count in the England-Germany World Cup game on Sunday)

I was thinking about writing a blog article about the atrocious refereeing at the World Cup, and how it is greatly threatening to damper the fledgling enthusiasm of newfound soccer fans, but Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated has written a piece that pretty much sums up my thoughts, undoubtedly much better than I would have expressed them.

I'll just say that while I love the mystique and global confluence of the World Cup, sometimes sitting through entire games is a chore. So when refs blow seemingly obvious calls--invariably disallowing goals that should count or allowing ones that shouldn't--it further diminishes the luster of what are already low scoring, drawn out games.

I understand that refs are human and I doubt there is anything more at play than honest mistakes, but with technology readily available to review disputed goals, why not employ it and add the proper justice to the world's largest sporting event?

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