Thursday, November 22, 2012

Taking It from the Top -- Photos from SkyDeck Chicago

Recently, I wrote and posted a Chicago Travel Guide, highlighting the attractions I recommend visitors to the Windy City make a point of seeing and doing. Understandably, most of the places I’ve cited are those I’ve personally enjoyed, but there are several local sights I haven’t seen in years.

Over the next few months, I am intending to get to more of these places, and last Sunday I spent a tourist type day in Chicago. I attended two theatrical performances (Les Miserables and Lysistrata Jones), bought some Garrett’s Popcorn (specifically their caramel-cashew crisp), ate at Cosi on Michigan Ave., hung out in the Palmer House lobby and went to SkyDeck Chicago, the observation deck atop the Willis (nee Sears) Tower.

I enjoyed myself, including because I got a first-hand glimpse of hundreds of Chicago tourists (many clearly from overseas), of whom I had only speculated about in my travel guide. In walking over to the tower from a parking space in the Loop, I didn’t notice anybody clearly walking toward it—let alone hordes of tourists—yet it was fairly crowded inside. And I would venture to guess that I was the only person there who lives in the Chicago area. It was kind of fun to be among so many people visiting our city, from everywhere.

Below are some photos I took from the SkyDeck, including a couple from out on The Ledge, glass enclosed “bubbles” that let you step out over nothing, 1,300+ feet down.



The one above and this one aren't from the top of the tower, but are shots I liked:

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