Monday, July 01, 2013

When the Whip Comes Down: Capturing a Day at the Races

I can't claim to be the biggest horse racing aficionado, nor much of a bettor.

But the Arlington Park racecourse has always been a pleasant place to spend a nice summer afternoon, and having not been there for a few years, I decided to go yesterday.

With many of the races sporting reduced fields, supposedly due to scratches emanating from turf races being switched to dirt due to soggy conditions, odds on nearly all the horses were rather low.

So I tried my hand at a couple exactas and trifectas, but only won on a single Show bet that paid out a dollar or so (the horse actually won and paid $15). And after 5 of 9 races, I decided I'd had enough.

But it was a nice few hours and I always enjoy taking photos of the thoroughbreds. Here are a few of the best from Sunday, June 30 at Arlington Park:

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