Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Today Verses the Past, Vol. 1: Random Poems I Wrote Long Ago

So far 2015 has been rather slow going, in terms of things I've seen and done and been inspired to write about. Rather than really change that--I have been doing some good reading, watching a variety of movies, chatting with friends and looking forward to an upcoming job interview and exciting trip--I thought I'd fill a blog post in a way I don't think I ever have before. 

With poetry. 

The following are poems I wrote long ago, typically 20-25 years ago. Some are ones I self-published in a pair of books way back when and/or have previously put up on the net. But I barely remember them, so perhaps they'll seem kinda new to you, too. 

I'm not saying they were ever that great but have tried to pick a few that hold up pretty well. Perhaps they'll inspire me to write some new ones. 



A place of faith 
Naked of pews 
Unadorned and open 
To all who choose 

Blind to the eye 
Found by the heart 
Never an end 
A continuous start 

Believe today 
Again tomorrow 
In times of joy 
And moments of sorrow 

Perhaps in itself 
An incomplete answer 
But compared to despair 
A marvelous dancer 

Though it may wither 
It’ll always survive 
If the will is there 
To keep it alive 

Each breath taken 
Just one more reason 
Sometimes things grow 
Though out of season 

Some may scoff 
Label you deluded 
But why shut off 
Before it’s concluded 

A feeling for ever 
Infinite in scope 
As long as you want 
You can have hope 



It isn’t a mineral hidden underground
It isn’t a treasure waiting to be found
It isn’t a train arriving at the station
It isn’t reality taking a vacation

It isn’t a sunbeam turning coldness warm
It isn’t a rainbow following a storm
It isn’t a chicken readying to hatch
It isn’t a candle longing for a match

It isn’t a potion that erases all the doubt
It isn’t a cleanser that washes heartache out
It isn’t a fantasy that suddenly comes true
It isn’t a signal that reveals what to do

It isn’t believing that everything is good
It isn’t achieving everything you could
It isn’t denying the severity of sorrow
It isn’t implying vast improvement tomorrow

It isn’t the gratitude stemming from good health
It isn’t an attitude coming from great wealth
It isn’t the thrill of always looking splendid
It isn’t a skill for which you’re commended

It isn’t a challenge that stimulates your brain
It isn’t a party that dissipates the pain
It isn’t a friend who makes everything all right
It isn’t a lover who kisses you good night

It isn’t a sound that you ever will hear
It isn’t a vision that will ever appear
It isn’t the result of some blessed event
It isn’t anything to any real extent

It is simply a feeling that prevails inside
Emanating from having some pride
In the wonderful person you happen to be
How special you are I wish you could see

So I give to you as you make a new start
A hope for happiness to take hold of your heart
For while you may not feel happy every minute
The world does for having you in in


Becomes butterfly
Never again


A touch of weird
Is a wonderful thing
There’s beauty in bizarre
As a way of being

A tad bit eccentric
Is refreshing to see
An offbeat drummer
Sounds nifty to me

So many people
Seem to act the same
As though in uniform
To play some game

They champion common
Scoff at unique
Dismiss divergence
As a sign of the freak

Off with their heads
Is what I say
Not kill them dead
Just let them fray 

A bit at the edges 
To loosen their asses 
Let’s do away 
With the sacrosanct masses 

There is something quite even 
About being odd 
Who are you 
Who made you God 

You can call me weird 
But the way I see it 
If you are normal 
Who’d want to be it


When Two Become Three

When the summer winds blow you can hear the leaves rustling in the sky
When all is quiet in the harmonious valley you can see an eagle fly
When you put a shell to your ear you can hear the sounds of the sea
But there is nothing so wonderful as when two become three

If you look west to the horizon you will see the setting sun
If you go out to the flatlands you will see the horses run
If you go up to the Redwoods you will see the glorious old tree
But there is nothing so majestic as when two become three

There is something that is special about hearing a hummingbird sing
And there is something romantic about the first flower of spring
And it's a beautiful thing when I becomes we
But there is nothing so great as when two become three

All poems © Seth Arkin 1990-1994 and 2015

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Ken said...

My commendations on your poetry. I never realized the depth of your sensitivity and insight.