Sunday, November 22, 2015

Oh, the Thinks I Can Think: 'Seussical' for Young Audiences is No Small Delight -- Chicago Theater Review

Theater Review

Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences
Lincolnshire, IL
Thru December 21

In the company of kin
via modern chariot
a ways did I go
to the theater Marriott

Where merrily, quite cheerily
would I enjoy such a musical
as the pretty and witty 
kiddy Seussical

Shortened for shorties
to just an hour's duration
in brief I thinks it 
a delightful creation

Culled from Seuss 
by Ahrens and Flaherty
the once Broadway tuner
benefits greatly from sparity

Having liked it before
the gleeful songs were
none too surprising
But one could call this
a case
of judicious downsizing

There's no beating
George Keating
as the Cat in the Hat
And as Hoo-hearing Horton
Michael Aaron Lindner
is clearly all that

Landree Fleming delights
as Gertrude McFuzz
while recurring
Marriott favorites
merit plenty of buzz

But proving a person's a person
no matter how small
little Sage Harper's JoJo
well may be the most
joyous of all

...amid a show
quite kiddily engaging
even for those of us
hoo have done
a good bit more aging

Rachel Rockwell's direction
is as crisp as can be
with colorful costumes and dancing
and scenery to see

So I thinks
for a merely and fairly
seventeen dollars
one should bring the kids
for musical thrills
and hoots and hollers

Or just yourself
if not mirthfully
for no one is alone
in the Dr. Seuss

Hopefully you won't have
to drive through the snow
but once you get there
oh, the places you'll go

And let me just note
that by no children unruly
was I ever vexed 
yet chagrined by a mom
who could not turn off
her constant need to text

(Please teach your kids to love theater, politely.)

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