Friday, August 19, 2016

Ours Go to 11: Volume 15, Still Active Concert Acts I've Never Seen But (At Least Kinda) Want To

Except for those that allow no opportunity to sit down--even if just for a few intermittent moments--I still love going to rock concerts.

And by month's end I will have attended nearly 700 in my lifetime, by numerous different artists.

Presumably, anyone who knows me knows that I've seen Bruce Springsteen dozens of times, and have repeatedly caught acts like Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam, The Who, U2, The Rolling Stones and others.

There are a few classic rock acts I've recently seen for the first time--Bryan Ferry, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael McDonald--and live performers I've caught at least once range to include Barry Manilow, Adele, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Al Green, Neil Diamond, Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban.

So who, of still-existing acts--mostly in a rock vein, but not only--haven't I ever seen but want to? The following are all I could come up with, and includes some artists I've repeatedly passed on seeing, even recently or upcoming. And bands such as Blur, Pulp, ELO and the Hoodoo Gurus haven't played Chicago in ages, if ever.

So it's not like there are a bunch of burning desires left (except for great new artists I don't yet know or who don't yet exist).

I realize that not knowing everyone I've seen in concert could be a hindrance to appreciating my omissions, or to recommending others I "should see." As noted, I've seen everyone else I've knowingly cared to (including the few current acts that interested me: Arcade Fire, The Killers, LCD Soundsystem, The Black Keys, Fleet Foxes) but certainly could be oblivious to some tremendous concert performers.

Unseen "current" concert performers that interest me most:

1. Blur
2. Mumford & Sons
3. Tool
4. Electric Light Orchestra
5. Blondie
6. Pulp
7. Echo & the Bunnymen
8. Beyoncé
9. Hall & Oates
10. Journey
11. Hoodoo Gurus 

A few others

Cat Stevens
James Taylor
Bonnie Raitt
The Allman Brothers
Frankie Valli 

Reunions I'd like to see (of bands I didn't)

Led Zeppelin (have seen Page + Plant and Plant solo several times)
Talking Heads (have seen David Byrne play Heads songs)
The Smiths (have seen Johnny Marr)
Dire Straits
Rage Against the Machine (have seen Audioslave and Tom Morello solo)

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