Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Championship Photo Gallery, including Pictures of the Wrigley Field Fan Tribute Chalk Walls -- Cubs World Series Champions

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 was a great day. Until it wasn't.

Certainly, the presidential election--whose results were broadcast late into the evening--didn't go the way I or most of those I respect had hoped.

And while I'm taking it as it comes, the possible repercussions should scare anyone.

But while it may seem trifling in comparison, the joy I encountered--not just my own, but communally--via a visit to Wrigley Field that morning should provide some semblance of hope for mankind, and womankind.

Even among those who aren't Cubs fans.

So here is a good smattering of shots, of the famed marquee, of the exterior bleacher walls on which fans wrote tributes in chalk, of several W signs, of statues of legends being carted off due to impending construction, and more.


All photos by Seth Arkin. Copyright 2016. Please do not repost without permission and attribution.

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