Saturday, January 13, 2018

Musical Signatures: A Look at My Collection of Signed CDs

Signed by the four original members; circa 1999. Virgin Megastore, Chicago.
From time to time--typically when there is a lull in shows to review--I devote space here to showing blog visitors things only home visitors would typically see.

Or not see, as many of my collections are stuffed into bookcases, kept in binders, stored in my bedroom or generally not the type of thing occasional guests would much notice.

Without meaning to show off, draw the attention of ne'er-do-wells or even suggest that any of my collections are all that extensive or spectacular, these posts have not only filled the occasional blogging hole, but allowed me to somewhat justify still having all this stuff.

In the past, I've put together blog posts compiling:

- My collection of shot glasses

- The art that adorns my walls

- My collection of neckties

- Several autographed Playbills

- Ticket stubs I've saved, including some autographed ones

Today, I am giving you a glimpse at signed CDs that I have gathered over the years.

Signed by the three original members, including the late Jim Ellison. 1994.
Tower Records, Bloomingdale or Schaumburg, IL.
Although it can loosely be called a collection, I have never actively collected autographed compact discs.

All of these autographs were obtained in person, and much more represent personal favorites than rock legends.

I do have books signed by Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townshend, David Byrne and Elvis Costello, a harmonica signed by Blues Traveler's John Popper and--among an extensive collection of autographed photos--several by musicians. (Back in 1998, I attended a CD signing by Garbage but opted instead to get photos signed.)

So this is not all that extensive, or even exhaustive in terms of items I possess that were autographed by musicians. I'm also leaving out a few by quite minor acts, and also a few duplicates.

In some cases, signing location and date might be best guesses.

But here's what I have:

Signed by Jeff Tweedy. 2009. In the living room of a friend's sister's
house, where Tweedy participated in a benefit concert for music students.
I actually have two of these. I think this was signed in 2003 at
the Tower Records in Lincoln Park, Chicago.
I believe I got this signed by Bob Mould after stalking him to the bowels
of the Field Museum, following an acoustic show he did there.
I had Paul sign this--and my ticket stub--after a 2002 show at the Vic.
Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent signed this after a show at Viper's Alley
in Lincolnshire, IL
I've seen Alejandro numerous times; these were probably both signed at an Old Town School of Folk Music show in 2005.
Willie Nile's become another personal favorite. Signed at various shows.
Kelly Jones and Richard Jones signed these. At least one was after a show at the Cubby Bear in 2003.
Signed by Tim Wheeler. Lincoln Hall. 2013
After shows at Buddy Guy's Legends, I've also had him sign ticket stubs, laminated show passes and a guitar pick.
The late Chicago bluesman signed this after a show at Skokie's
Backlot Bash in 2008
I believe this is the first CD I ever had signed. At Rose Records
in Evanston, IL. 1989.
Signed after a show at Milwaukee's Eagles Ballroom. 2004.
Signed either at the Metro in 2007 or Vic in 2008.
Metro 2002. Opening for Stereophonics.
At the ALS Mammoth Music Mart, Skokie, IL. Circa 1999.
Signed either at Taste of Chicago or Milwaukee Summerfest.
Signed by Jason Ringenberg at the Double Door. 2010.
Signed after a 2015 House of Blues show with the Waterboys.
Kathy Valentine (bottom right) was an original Go-Go.
Debut EP of a musician friend of mine. Signed 2015.
Dennis DeYoung wrote the music for this musical. He was at the
performance I saw at Chicago's Bailiwick Theatre in 2008 and signed this.
Signed at Zanies in Vernon Hills, IL, 2006
Jon Dee Graham, signed at Old Town School and perhaps Fitzgerald's
Signed after a performance opening for David Byrne in Milwaukee. 2004.
Signed at Symphony Hall. 2003.
Signed at Jazz Showcase. 2010.
Signed at NEIU Auditorium. 2013

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