Friday, November 02, 2018

Ours Go to 11: Volume 32, Fancy Schmancy Restaurants

Last night I enjoyed a Pre-Theater Dinner at Everest, long one of Chicago's most acclaimed restaurants.

I found it to be terrific but not quite as mind-blowing as some similar high-end dining explorations.

So I've decided to throw together this list of my favorite forays into gourmet gastronomy.

Even more so than most of my lists, this one should be taken with a grain of salt (at risk of irking the chefs).

Some restaurants were visited long ago; others within the past few months.

At some I had full pre fixe menu meals, at others perhaps just a value-priced lunch or pre-theater meal.

And I'm not suggesting that this list represents my favorite meals of all time. I'm not considering steakhouses, BBQ joints, pizzerias, hot dog stands and other restaurants I really love.

Unscientifically and imperfectly, these are my favorite dining experiences at restaurants that are or have been on the The World's Best Restaurants lists, have earned 5 diamonds from AAA or that I believe to be of that ilk. (Some restaurants listed may not remain open or so highly regarded.)

1. Picasso - Las Vegas
2. Alinea - Chicago
3. Maido - Lima, Peru
4. Rockpool - Sydney, Australia
5. Le Bernadin - New York
6. Charlie Trotter's - Chicago
7. Astrid y Gaston - Lima, Peru
8. Four Seasons - New York
9. Pujol - Mexico City
10. Le Cirque - New York
11. Jean-Georges - New York

Others meriting mention

Aureole - New York
Nobu - New York
Emeril's - New Orleans
Blackbird - Chicago
Everest - Chicago
Cosme - New York
Arun's - Chicago
Antoine's - New Orleans

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