Friday, October 01, 2004

Of Winners...

I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by John Kerry's performance in the debate last night. I thought he clearly dominated the proceedings and am happy to see the polls indicate the majority feels the same. Shockingly, I didn't see a poll or results on But anyway, I'm not saying Kerry was perfect with his presentation or all his points -- he probably wasn't -- but in terms of poise and professionalism, he clearly was more impressive that the oddly smirking, stammering, tape looping president who kept saying "It's hard work" and reiterating his reference to Kerry flip-flopping about the war. It was almost like watching a subliminal message that forgot -- or didn't bother -- to be subliminal. But it seems that the public -- at least those that offered an opinion -- saw right through it for the banality it is. Now I get to celebrate, and continue the rallying, with a rock & roll Vote For Change weekend. Pearl Jam in Toledo on Saturday, Springsteen, REM & John Fogerty in Detroit Sunday. So Kerry On Wayward and keep on rockin in the free world.

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