Monday, October 11, 2004

Weekend Reviews #1

- Thursday 10/7
- The Dresser - A Play by Ronald Harwood - at Steppenwolf Theatre
Strong performances by John Mahoney & Tracy Letts; good core theme about "the show must go on" for a troupe of Shakesperean actors in England during World War II; but ultimately not all that enthralling or enriching.

- Friday 10/8
- Love; The Zombies - Concert - Park West
Love @@@ The Zombies @@@@
Two great bands from the 60's that haven't really had much recognition combined for a concert certainly well worth the $25 price. Most people don't know Love at all; many only know The Zombies for She's Not There, but both bands drew on their rich, yet short & distant legacies for a highly enjoyable show.

- Saturday 10/9
- John Mellencamp w/ Babyface - Riviera Theatre
Another Vote for Change concert; the only one to reach Chicago. Very light on the politics. Mellencamp was once a phenomenal concert performer, but has slowed down considerably. He's also become quite crusty and at times seemingly belligerant, and a large meathead contingent made for a not so enjoyable vibe. Still, his good songs are still good and he sang most of them.

Sunday 10/10
Finishing The Picture - a New Play by Arthur Miller - at Goodman Theatre
At times interesting, largely due to the biographical context of being about Miller and wife Marilyn Monroe during troubled times on set of the movie The Misfits. Without knowing the history, the play really would've seemed lanquid, despite an all-star cast and strong performances from Stacy Keach, Linda Lavin and Scott Glenn.

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