Thursday, January 27, 2005

The IncrediBull Resurrection

Well, it's time to give credit where credit is due. Up until December 8, 2004, when I attended the Chicago Bulls game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Bulls were 2-13. Since that game (at which I was somewhat miffed that they dominated LeBron James and the Cavs), including it and this past Tuesday's game against the Denver Nuggets, which I also attended, the Bulls have gone 19-6. Obviously, it was my Supercalifragilistic Karma that turned the Bulls season, and fortunes, around.

And it sure is nice to have a good basketball team around here for a change. In Chicago, we'd almost forgotten what the NBA Playoffs were like, much as we've forgotten about the existence of hockey. But at 21-19, the Bulls are currently in a position if they make the playoffs, though they have half the season left, with lots of road games against good teams. But along with the excitement the #1, 20-0 Illini, whose game against Wisconsin I closely followed over the Internet on my cell phone during the equally exciting end of the Bulls game, it's just fun to have the Bulls back again.

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