Sunday, February 06, 2005

Feeling Patriotic

Devoid of a rooting interest (and as a Chicagoan, let's face it, I often am), I've always been a sucker for a historical storyline, or some sort of significant milestone coming to fruition. Unless I dislike a team or player for some reason, I'd just as soon see history be made. As such, I was rooting for the Patriots and am glad they won (fortunately, I didn't bet on the game, as I would've bet the Pats to cover the 7 point spread, which they didn't in their 24-21 win). While it gives me no particular happiness to see the Boston area get more than its share of winning (3 Super Bowls in 4 years plus the Red Sox in '04), the Patriots themselves seem like an admirable team. They play hard and they seem to win without being particularly arrogant and obnoxious. Even some of the post-game interviews I just saw showed players and their coach, Bill Belichick, proud of their victory and repeated success, but unwilling to proclaim themselves a dynasty. Sure, perhaps even modesty can be an act, but at least it's a becoming one. I'm also reminded again of what I blogged about a few weeks ago, that what Tom Brady has done is incredibly impressive and I don't really understand why post-season accomplishments aren't considered in league MVP voting. In 4 years as an NFL starter, this 6th round draft pick has won every playoff game he's played in, including 3 Super Bowls. And unlike some quarterbacks who perhaps were along for the ride with a great team and just didn't have to screw up for their team to win (e.g, Trent Dilfer) Brady is as big a reason for the Pats success as any, except perhaps Belichick. He seems as cool and composed as any quarterback ever could be, and he always seems to make the big play when needed. At only 27 (I think) he really has to be mentioned among the all-time greats. I believe on Bradshaw, Montana and Aikman have won as many or more Super Bowls, and theoretically Brady's best years should be ahead of him.

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