Friday, November 07, 2008

In Moving Forward, I Re-Verse

Back in my younger, more idealistic days when I wrote poetry (or at least rhyming verses), I penned this poem on the day after Bill Clinton defeated George Bush the First in 1992. I don't know that it holds up as particularly good poetry, but the sentiment pretty much remains the same. So instead of writing anew or revising, I merely reprint. So to speak.


I see arrival
A bright new dawn
I see departure
A black cloud gone

I’m no fool expecting
Miracles to occur
But it’s cool rejecting
The way things were

Some may be glad
Some may be pissed
Under what we had
Not all seemed to exist

The United States
Has been divided too long
How can you keep people weak
While you strive to be strong

America found
It was time for a change
Let’s tear things down
And rearrange

Who knows what I’ll say
Four years from now
But my hope of today
The past wouldn’t allow

So bye bye GOP
So long Mr. Bush
Yes, mine were two of the feet
Kicking your tush

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