Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Boss Time, Again

So last night I konked out and went to sleep after the first period of the Blackhawks game, a series clincher that saw 10 goals scored after I went to bed in a see-saw affair that the Hawks wound up winning in dramatic fashion. I'm kind of hating myself for wussing out and missing it.

I awoke with a kink in my neck that has really got me kind of sore.

I have very little to do at a job that I'm being laid off from this Friday, with no ready prospects for new employment in a terrible economy.

The girl that I like and thought was cool, doesn't feel the same and seemingly isn't.

But today is a good day that will only get better. In fact, for me, it's like Christmas ...is to those who celebrate Christmas.

Bruce Springsteen is coming to town. He plays the United Center tonight and I will be there with 3 of my close friends.

Sure, he's been my favorite musician for about the last 30 years. And I've seen him perform live 33 times, including 29 times in the last 10 years and 8 times in the past 19 months.

But I can't remember ever being more excited about seeing him. For while I'm really not in a bad way, not depressed or acutely anxious, well, things aren't exactly spectacular either.

And whereas some people turn to drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, religion, psychiatry, exercise and/or other ways to cope with whatever life throws them, beyond some great family & friends, I have always turned to Bruce. Other music too, and other entertainment as well, but most consistently and above all, the Boss. And unlike most people in life, Bruce has never let me down.

So let's rock.

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