Monday, January 09, 2017

A Picture with the World Series Trophy ... and a Selfie-Obsessed Look Back at the Cubs' 2016 Championship Run

As so beautifully captured above, this past Saturday I was able to have my picture taken with the Cubs' 2016 World Series Champions Trophy. To do so, I drove 30 miles to Naperville--there are no scheduled Cubs Trophy Tour stops near my Skokie home--and waited in line for 3-1/2 hours...including 2-1/2 outside in sub-zero wind chill.

I arrived at 9:00am for the event scheduled for 11am-1pm at Naperville City Hall. My understanding is that pictures with the trophy began closer to 10:00am, so I can't say nothing was done in light of the thousands waiting in the bitter cold. The building had been opened at 7:00am and supposedly all the indoor waiting space was filled soon thereafter.

But with due respect to matters of security, fire codes, etc., it seemed many more people could have waited inside the large building than were let in. Per an article I read, Naperville knew thousands were due to come, yet only seemed to let hundreds in before those in front had their turn with the trophy.

Anyway, I was damn cold for quite awhile, but seem to have survived and--as I posted on Facebook--the trophy was "worth its wait in gold."

Unlike at the first Trophy Tour stop, the trophy was encased in Naperville--as it has been at stops since the one at the new Cubs Store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago--but I understand why that makes sense.

And I was glad I went.

To accompany the picture above, and compile the ones below in one place--mainly for my own sake--here are other photos of me taken during and since the Cubs' championship run. (I think I'll occasionally post some silly "selfies" of me, and this seems like a good place to start.)

At a Oct. 15, 2016 wedding; aka NLCS Game 1

On my way to the parade

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