Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chicago's Seven Wonders

The Chicago Tribune is running a survey, asking for people to submit their 7 Chicago Wonders. Here is my submission:

Seven Chicago Wonders

1. The Art Institute - I’ve been to art museums around the world, and ours is truly one of the very best.
2. Wrigley Field - Likewise, I’ve been to virtually every major league ballpark, and old or new, none compares to Wrigley. If only we had a team worth watching there.
3. Millennium Park - Beyond the striking features (i.e. Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, the face fountain), this new, still somewhat-in-progress park has become a remarkable communal setting for Chicagoans and tourists alike
4. The Theatre Scene - Goodman, Steppenwolf, the touring Broadway shows & now Wicked’s long run are awesome, but what really sets Chicago apart from everywhere else are all the small, often storefront theatre companies that provide something good to see on almost any night
5. The Legendary Pizza Places - Gino’s East, Pizzaria Uno & Due and Lou Malnati’s all serve pizza that is better than anything the rest of the world has to offer
6. The Skyline - Growing up in Skokie, the southbound view, with Hancock on left, Sears on right is quintessential. But northbound, especially from the Planetarium, is also amazing. Much better than New York’s; more balanced & not as crowded.
7. Forest Avenue, Oak Park - Brigadoon for admirers of the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright
8. (Hey, this is Chicago. We get extra votes.) Bahai Temple - One of the most beautiful structures in the United States, with almost equally spectacular gardens