Monday, March 02, 2009

"Hey, watch out you moron!"

So on Saturday, my sister Allison and I are riding in my Mom's car as we're going to visit my aunt. In getting from Skokie to Lake Shore Drive, we wind up on Kedzie Ave. south of Touhy, next to Winston Towers, a group of condominium buildings in which my maternal Grandparents had lived.

Both are long since deceased, but as we stopped at a stop sign in front of their old building at 7061 N. Kedzie, I said to my Mom, "Are we picking up Grandma?" for her route to LSD had seemed unusual to me. While I'm looking at my Grandma's building, Allison says to my Mom, "Don't run into Rod Blagojevich." I didn't quite understand why--and Allison herself was only joking as she spoke in reference to a nearby jogger--but then we all looked and saw that it was indeed Blago, with his wacky hair and jogging suit, speaking to the driver of another car, surely pleading his case yet again.

Mom and Allison started laughing harder than I'd ever heard. I wanted my Mom to U-turn and run him down, and alas, every time we told the story of almost running into Rod Blagojevich, the response was, "You should have hit him."

But in hindsight, maybe we should have offered him a ride back home. After all, we had an open seat to sell.