Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wow, That's More Like It

Last Wednesday (not last night), I went to the Chicago Bulls-Cleveland Cavaliers game, expecting to witness a phenomenal exhibition from LeBron James, which I would've blogged about the next day. Because from what I had been seeing and hearing, he is extremely rapidly on his way to being the world's greatest basketball player, if he isn't already. Well, wouldn't you know it, the up-til-then hapless Bulls blew out the Cavs 113-85 (earning me a Big Mac) and LeBron really did nothing all that amazing. He was 5-15 from the field and except for a few nice passes, was pretty mediocre in scoring just 19 points. Learning that day that it would be the Cavs 2nd of back-to-back games I had a premonition that it may be an off night for LBJ, and I was right. There were a few glimpse of transcendent ability, and I got some decent photographs (nothing phenemonal), but certainly could not blog about seeing the second coming of Michael Jordan based on the performance I had seen. And then, I was too busy at work the next day to blog anything about it anyway, so I just never did.

Well, based of a 30-second ESPN highlight clip from last night's Cav's game, my hyperbolic tendencies have been re-ignited. There was one mind blowing play where he took a an errant pass out of the air with his left hand and made it seem like a designed alley-oop. And there was also a period where he scored like 12 points in 3 minutes, or something like that. So while I guess he has a little ways to go to match MJ's ability to amaze virtually every time he took the court, he clearly is the most exciting player in the game, and given Kobe's free fall from grace, likely the most popular. And excepting perhaps those 6'11" and over (Duncan, Garnett, Shaq) very possibly already the very best.

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