Monday, March 07, 2005

An Interesting Disappointment (movie review)

The Jacket

Seen on a day that didn't require one, The Jacket was not a great movie. I can't even say it was a good movie. But in spite a confounded plotline that aimed high yet ultimately failed to truly hit the mark, or rise above its confusion, it was a more interesting, watchable, thought provoking and well-crafted & acted film than many "good movies." I won't try to explain the plot, which combines psychotic reactions, psychic visions, time travel and/or other supernatural elements that I can best reference as Memento and It's A Wonderful Life put in a Cuisinart and lightly seasoned with a touch of The Deer Hunter (or some other traumatic post-war movie). As I said, it aimed high, but didn't quite work, despite completely engaging performances by the intensely engrossing Adrien Brody and the luminous Keira Knightley. While I don't wholeheartedly recommend that you see it (though in a cheap show or on video, it's probably worth a look), I feel safe in assuming that despite its paltry $2.7 opening weekend box office take, it is eminently more worthwhile than The Pacifier, which somehow opened with $30 million.

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