Saturday, February 05, 2011

An Additional Outlet for What Seth Saith, Beginning With Some Super Bowl Halftime Suggestions

While continuing to populate Seth Saith with articles on a variety of topics, I have also begun contributing to the Booth Reviews blog on, a Chicago Tribune-owned outlet for myriad blogs.

Steven Leventhal, who runs Booth Reviews with David Schuster, liked what he saw on and invited me to participate in adding diverse content to his site. Booth Reviews primarily focuses on Sports, Movies and Music--my friend David Brown is newly contributing a Today In Music History feature--but I will pretty much be at liberty to share what I see fit. Occasionally I may duplicate a story posted on Seth Saith, but will try to create something fresh once or twice per week to post on Booth Reviews. So please bookmark it and visit often.

My initial article, posted yesterday, is on The Top 11 Super Bowl Halftime Performances I'd Still Like To See. The format, in which the list is presented as a photo slide show, is one that I will likely be utilizing often on Booth Reviews. "11" items is a site staple in tribute to Spinal Tap and the number of team players on the field in American and worldwide football (aka soccer).

I hope you continue to like what you see, both here and there, and very much appreciate your readership.


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