Sunday, March 06, 2011

My 11 Favorite Guitarists of All-Time - Now on Booth Reviews

Click here or on the image below to see my latest post on Booth Reviews. Some of My 11 Favorite Guitarists of All-Time may surprise you, as will some of those left out.

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Ken said...


Congratulations on a well thought out selection with which I am mostly in agreement. Of course, such a top 11 list always invites exceptions, so here's my two cents and comments:

1. I think you should have bit the bullet and included Jeff Beck, although we know you wrestled with the decision. (I'm not so sure Keith Richards is "great" as he is "masterful in rock".

2. How about Mark Knopfler Rock's most under-rated guitarist?

3. I think history has proven that Duane Allman is unquestionably the greatest slide guitarist of the last 50 years and deserves a top 11 listing.

Let the debating begin!