Monday, April 04, 2011

Expanding My Blogosphere of Influence (or Lack Thereof) with a Weekend 'Guy'de to Milwaukee on

While continuing to write for and maintain Seth Saith as my primarily blog--albeit with some dry spells and occasional guest posts--and penning a piece every week for Booth Reviews, I will now be sporadically contributing to a travel website aimed at men called Mantripping.

I've come to know the proprietor of the site and in mentioning that I was going up to Milwaukee the weekend before last to see the Bulls play the Bucks, he invited me to write about it and offer some other "man-themed" Milwaukee tips.

So I did, which you can read by clicking here or on the image above. In addition to coming up with the recommendations--based on numerous jaunts north of the IL-WI border--and writing the text (except for the intro), I also supplied my own photographs. I didn't do the formatting or have control over the headline; my suggestion was: Catching the Bulls For Less Bucks and Enjoying a Good Man's Day in Milwaukee, but I imagine it was too long and didn't fit the layout.

But none of the article copy was altered and I think it holds up pretty well in making some good suggestions for things men--and even women & families--can do in Milwaukee, a city I've always enjoyed and have long visited several times each year. The Cubs will be playing the Brewers at Miller Park in both late July and late August this year, and there's already several great acts booked at Summerfest--heck, on the opening day alone, June 29, you could see Peter Gabriel, Buddy Guy, Meat Loaf, Matisyahu, Hall & Oates, Max Weinberg and/or several other acts.

So there's always a good reason to head to Brew Town and my suggestions can help you make a great day or weekend of it.

Having taken another trip this past weekend, to Grand Rapids, Michigan, I will be contributing to Mantripping at least once more rather soon, and then as time and topics allow. (If you really can't get enough of my writing, particularly in a travel vein, there's also my Seth The Tourist blog, which I haven't had occasion to update for a couple years.)

I'm looking forward to this new outlet, and hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.

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