Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Best of 2015: My Favorite Songs -- A Spotify Playlist

Why is this Best of 2015 list different than all other Seth Saith Best of 2015 lists? 

Well, as opposed to Best Musicals, Best Plays, Best Concerts and the upcoming Best Albums and Best Movies, my choices of Best Songs of 2015 are not presented in ranked order. (Though some other possible upcoming lists may not be ranked either.)

But perhaps most uniquely, this list is interactive.

Via the power of Spotify, you can listen to the playlist below--or via my Spotify Profile page or a vanity URL you can enter in any browser--to actually hear the 22 new songs I came to like best over the past 12 months. 

This is the URL (i.e. web address) you can click or enter for direct access to the playlist, anywhere you have internet access--desktop, laptop or mobile. You must be a registered Spotify user (or become one) but it is both Free and easy.

But since you're here already, you can just click play and hear some groovy tunes as you go about your day. Again, the songs are ranked in any order, but sequenced for what I hope is a pleasant listen.

My Favorite Songs of 2015

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