Monday, February 13, 2017

Hanging Around My Condo: A Look at the Pictures on My Walls

I live in a one-bedroom condominium, in a building that has existed since at least the early 1960s.

It is quite sufficient for my needs, but not what one would likely call spacious.

When moving in nearly 10 years ago, I requested a beige-ish wall paint, but asked that the main wall in my living room be painted white, so that I could project movies & TV upon it.

The other two main walls in my living room are completely fronted by bookcases and CD/DVD shelves, while a smaller wall is where I have my computer hutch, in front of which I am currently sitting. A wall in the hallway is largely occupied by a display of autographed baseballs that I once collected.

Given these facts, it might not seem that I could have all that much wall art adorning my residence, yet I have more than 60 pieces, of various ilks and sizes, some rather large.

Although I typically host friends and family a good handful of times each year for Movie Nights, other gatherings and occasional visits, the truth is not that many people will ever see my condo or what is on its walls. And even those who have been over will likely have missed some works, including some recent acquisitions and those in my messy bedroom.

So I thought I'd do this.

I'll try to suggest the relative size of various pieces, and in many cases am posting a replica version rather than an actual photo of what's hanging, given issues with odd angles and glare. If you want to see them in context, you'll just have to come over.

Movie Posters

Funny Face is the English title

Music Posters, Album Covers, etc.

After buying this, I realized it advertised the Beatles Shea Stadium concert
from 1966, not the more famous 1965 one. Though it came nicely framed and
purported to be an original poster, based on what I paid I don't believe it actually is.

Autographed by Jeff Tweedy

Photo by Paul Natkin

Designed by Seth Arkin

Photos by Seth Arkin

From a Chicago Tribune ad for a run of shows
in 1980 that were cancelled on the day of the ad
due to John Bonham's death. Printed on canvas.

Original artwork and photos (including by me), art posters and canvases

Untitled, original painting by Ray Cuevas, a friend of mine from California.
Artist unknown
Al Hirschfeld, Self-Portrait at 99, Original Signed Lithograph
Rafal Olbinski, She Stoops to Folly, Lithograph
Seth Arkin, Metaphysical Attraction, Original Painting
Leaves on frame hand-painted by unknown at The Great Frame Up in Evanston, IL
Johnny Donnels, Morning, Photographic Print
Paul Devine, Anne Rice House, Photographic Print
Seth Arkin, Bilbao Fountain, Photo Enlargement
Framed Poster
Painting printed on canvas
Reproduction printed on canvas
Artist unknown
George Hurrell, Hedy Lamarr, Photograph
Seth Arkin, Michael Jordan, photo
Tom Everhart, Dog Breath, Framed poster print of original art
Seth Arkin, Frank Gehry designed buildings, photos & manipulations
Seth Arkin, First Pitch of 2017 World Series, Photo printed on canvas
Seth Arkin, Kris Bryant Home Run, 2017 World Series Game 5
Chris Knight Creations, Cubs Wood Sign
Photographer unknown (I don't think it's Neil Leifer, who took this similar, famed shot), Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston.
Autographed by Muhammad Ali.
Seth Arkin, Bryant Park Elmo, Framed Photo
Artist unknown, purchased in Gaza
Theater Posters


Autographed by Catherine Deneuve

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