Sunday, December 01, 2019

People Get Ready: It's the Best Of List Time of the Year. And Decade.

Well, here we go again.

If you look at the Blog Archive on the right hand side of this blog, in a non-mobile format, you'll see that the origins of date back to 2004.

And, although somewhat sporadically and without images, I did post a good number of articles over the next few years.

But I generally regard December 2009 as when I really began maintaining this blog in earnest.

Then, I posted about 30 lists covering The Best--or My Favorite--This or That (Plays, Musicals, Albums, Restaurants, etc., etc.) of the 2000-2009 decade.

And now another decade has past.

So over the next month, I'll be sharing my picks in several categories--probably not as many as in 2009--and perhaps looping in some pals to help with certain idioms.

But, as beginning in 2010, I've posted "Best of the Year" lists in about 10 key categories each year, I'm also going to do likewise for 2019.

So you, and certainly I, might get a bit list weary--and I will keep posting reviews as I see shows--but beware that these selection posts will be populating this blog for most of the month.

Feel free to add your own lists, or just some picks, in the blog comments--and/or on Facebook or Twitter if seeing the posts when I share them there.

And if anyone asks you to cite your "Favorite Blog of the Decade," perhaps consider mention this one.

Thanks for reading over the years.

If stats are to be believed, I've had nearly 1.4 million pageviews across the decade.

Which, of course, many websites garner on a daily basis. Yet it still sounds flattering to me.

All the Best,

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