Monday, June 08, 2020

Documenting the Madness That Was

In mid-March, with the Coronavirus pandemic prompting the cancellation of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, commonly referenced as "March Madness," I created a substitute bracket I called Rock Madness.

Purely to entertain my Facebook Friends, the tournament allowed people to vote on matchups to determine the winner of each game, and eventually overall.

I can't say it went viral, but was popular enough among my pals to beget--to date--seven more tournaments now completed, with Novel Madness (above) being the latest.

In multiple Seth Saith posts, I've shared tourneys in progress, and as finished, but thought I'd capture all eight to date in this one. I wouldn't mind doing a tournament of Famous Painters, but don't know if Facebook interest warrants it. So if this is it, the Madness was mad fun. While it lasted.

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