Thursday, November 18, 2004

Celebration, What Celebration?

Perhaps you've read or seen about how yesterday, November 17 was the 15th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution (is that where Velvet Revolver got their name?) in Prague, marking the day Communism fell and the Czechs got their freedom. Supposedly there were speeches and marches and concerts in the streets and all kinds of celebrations. Well, I was out and about in Prague from 10am to 11pm and somehow missed all signs of any such things. I saw Frank Gehry's nifty Fred & Ginger Building (it resembles a pair of dancers). I walked on the famed Charles Bridge. I visited Old Town Square and saw the historic Astronomical Clock go off on the hour, I toured the Jewish Quarter with its many synagogues from centuries ago and reminders of the 80,000 (of 90,000) lives lost in the Holocaust, I attended a classical music concert, saw a Black Light Theatre performance and hung out for awhile at a Jazz & Blues Club. As for historic political celebrations, I was here, but somehow unaware. Guess I'll have to come back in 5 or 10 years.

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