Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Obligatory Bemoaning Bush Blog

Note: This was written on Thursday, Nov. 4, but attempt to post didn't work. It's not really that good, but I am posting for history's sake.

Well Hallelujah! The stupid people of America have re-elected the stupid man they like having as their President. Who cares if there's no end in sight to our soldiers getting killed in Iraq, and to our military killing about as many Iraqi civilians as Saddam ever did? Who cares, Ohio, if millions of people are out of work with no new jobs on the horizon? Who cares if the people in areas most affected by 9/11 voted overwhelmingly for Kerry, seemingly debunking the myth that Bush is stronger on Terrorism? How could any of that possibly matter as much as the possibility that homosexuals might get married? Or that women might still be empowered to make choices affecting their own bodies & lives?

Moral Values, what a fucking joke. Beat on & cheat on your wife, smack around your children, raise them to hate blacks & Hispanics & Jews, drive drunk, bet on football and/or do a bunch of other crap, but maintain your holier-than-though attitude about anyone who isn't like you.


Anonymous said...

I can't help adding my comments (even though Seth himself has already read this)

America Votes Its Values

A good number of Americans polled at the exits Nov. 2 said the most important issue affecting their vote was moral values.

Yes, Americans voted their true values in this election:

- Imperial ambition (as long as we're the ones building the empire)

- Bloodshed to protect our economic interests (as long as it doesn't have to happen in our backyard or soccer field)

- Faith in God (as long as he sanctions my way of life and condemns all others)

- Corporate greed (as long as it's my corporation)

- Good, not Evil, and Justice (as long as these are sweet platitudes that don't involve truth or too many facts)

- Telling your own neighbors and allies to go fuck themselves the first time they disagree with you (as long as these friends and allies are separated by oceans and speak weird languages that aren't English)

- Sane, mature problem solving (as long as it gratifies my macho need to hit something, anything and cause explosions when I'm frustrated)

- Moral uprightness (as long as this is based on appearances and the most familiar conventions)

America can't articulate this. Americans wouldn't understand what you were saying if you told them this. But -- unfortunately -- ignorance doesn't cancel responsibility. Ignorance is a luxury that lets you choose without having to feel responsible. Americans chose these values, but they don't know they chose them. They just allowed their ignorance to go unchallenged. That was easy to do since the suffering these values cause others is a million miles away.

This is not new. Human beings have been doing this to each other for thousands of years. The real tragedy is that Americans are going to pay the consequences for their choice, too. Many of the consequences will be a ways down the line -- so far that most of us won't realize or remember it's related.

Remember, Saddam's first weapons are no mystery -- they were given to him by us.

Wendy Schmidt

Anonymous said...

What a bunch a crap! And, I'm disappointed in you having to have a lashing-out pity party while restraining your normal logical self. Your responses look like the uninformed, one-sided arguements of the high school freshman with whom I work. If you are going to take time to post on the interent it is best to get beyond the Beavis and Butthead mentality of 'Whoever disagrees with me sucks'. Where's the guy who wrote the blog on Kerry's lack of fire? Will the real Seth please stand up!