Friday, November 19, 2004

Gilligan's Travels

Greetings from the lovely Internet access joint at London's beautiful Gatwick Airport. I got 3 minutes left for this blog. It's 3:55pm here, I'm waiting for a 7:15pm flight to Amsterdam, having had my flight from Prague delayed (read yesterday's blog for background) not due to snow, but some sort of logistical dispute between EasyJet and the Prague Airport. The delay was 1 hr 45 min so I had no chance to make my new flight (not officially a connection); that sucks but it's not as tragic as it could have been had I not been able to get a seat on EasyJet's 7:15 to Amsterdam, with no extra charge. Will try to blog from Amsterdam.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Seth, We're enjoying reading about your travels. Hopefully by this time you should be in Holland. Or the Netherlands. You know, where the Dutch live.
It's surprising that you'd leave for vacation and miss the opening of deer hunting season, but there will probably still be some left when you return.(and soon we may all be able to hunt over the internet)
We're looking forward to a couple more posts and seeing you around holiday time with great pix as usual.

Love, J&E