Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Czeching In From Prague

Travel days are always a pain in the ass and today was really no different. Nothing particularly bad happened, but it was the usual schlepping, waiting, trying to figure out currency, trying to figure out maps, etc. Took a bus to a train to the airport in London, got off in Prague and took a bus to a train to a few blocks from my hotel in Prague, and initially walked the wrong way. Eventually got it straightened out and got here. The hotel seems nice; good to have a toilet & shower in the room again and there's free internet which I'm now on in the lobby. Had no plans for tonight, so I just walked around a bit. Went to the Old Town Square and had dinner and of course, Czech Beer (Pilsner Urquell). Found my way back with a map but navigating around still seems confusing. Hopefully in daylight (let's hope rain predictions prove false), everything will seem clearer. It's a good bit colder here than in London. Wish I packed a hat. Oh well. Till next time...

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