Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick Snaps: Photos of the Chicago Bears vs. St. Louis Rams

Although I have seen the vast majority of Chicago Bears football games played during my lifetime, I have only attended about 10 in person. And the last home Bears game I was at was in 2003, the first season after the renovation of Soldier Field.

So today was a real treat, courtesy of my friend Dave, who was graciously given a pair of tickets by a friend of his.

You couldn't ask for a better day to watch a football game, and while the Bears' offense and their oft-maligned quarterback, Jay Cutler, didn't exactly impress, the combination of a strong Bears defense and a lousy Rams offense enabled the Bears to win 23-6.

Rather than expound on the experience of being at the game, which was certainly fun and enjoyable but not particularly newsworthy sans for the relative novelty for me, I thought I'd share some of the photos I took, from the players entering the field to them exiting it.

Bear in mind that I didn't shoot every play, and on some of the big ones, people standing and cheering often got in the way, but these are a few that I think came out pretty good (with a bit of cropping).

 Opening kickoff:

Robbie Gould's 54-yard field goal:

The Bears' first touchdown, by Michael Bush:

A nearby fan:

All photos by Seth Arkin, copyright 2012. Please do not use without proper attribution, and for any commercial purposes, without permission. 

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