Friday, September 14, 2012

Who Are You, Who-Who, Who-Who? -- The Real Names of Rock Stars Quiz

Excited to see Elvis Costello in concert on Saturday night, it got me thinking about other rock stars who are better known by stage names or pseudonyms. So beyond the ones I’d already knew, I did a bit of research and came up with this Real Names of
Rock Stars Quiz.

See who you know from the list of real names, keeping in mind it includes both living and dead musicians and that I’ve expanded the “rock” genre to include blues, rap and more.

If you would like to print it out, click here for a PDF. Please do not cite the answers as Comments; I will post them as a PDF in a few days and call it out in a new blog post. (Update: I've now posted the answers, accessible through this post.)

1. Reginald Dwight
2. Gordon Sumner
3. Cheryl Sarkisian
4. Paul Hewson
5. Declan McManus
6. David Evans
7. Stefani Germanotta
8. Stuart Goddard
9. Patricia Andrejewski
10. Robert Zimmerman
11. John Deutschendorf
12. Elias Otha Bates
13. Calvin Broadus, Jr.
14. Michael Balzary
15. William Broad
16. Riley King
17. Gary Lee Weinrib
18. James Smith
19. Barry Pincus
20. Farrokh Bulsara
21. Roberta Anderson
22. Alecia Moore
23. James Osterberg, Jr.
24. Vincent Furnier
25. Jeffery Hyman
26. John Cummings
27. William Bailey
28. Curtis Jackson
29. Chaim Witz
30. Saul Hudson
31. Richard Starkey
32. John Mellor
33. Eileen Edwards
34. Steven Tallarico
35. John Ritchie
36. Edward Severson III
37. McKinley Morganfield
38. Steveland Morris
39. LaDonna Gaines
40. Steven Georgiou
41. Tracy Marrow
42. Franklin Feranna
43. Louis Firbank
44. Ingram Cecil Connor III
45. Hugh Cregg
46. Robert Van Winkle
47. Joan Larkin
48. Audrey Perry
49. David Jones
50. Marvin Lee Aday
51. Richard Melville Hall
52. Frances Gumm
53. Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong
54. George O’Dowd
55. Brian Warner
56. Enrique Morales
57. Charles Westover
58. Claude Bridges
59. Stanley Eisen
60. Sylvester Stewart

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