Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Best of 2014: The Best Photos I Took (or at least a few of them)

OK, truth be told, I have no idea if these are really the 25 best photos I took in 2014--plus 2 taken of me.

According to the files saved to my computer, taking up 195GB in storage, I took 117,504 photos in 2014.

I know that's a crazy number, though it's considerably amplified by pretty much always employing the continuous shooting mode on my cameras, so I now take about 20 pictures in the time it used to take to shoot one.

Still, as self-indulgent as I might be in looking back at what I did and saw over the past 12 months, perusing 117,504 photos is a bit much, even for me.

So I kind of randomly looked through some file folders, remembered some cool moments, gleaned pictures I previously put into blog posts or travel galleries, etc.

And picked 27 that I liked.

I just as easily could have picked 27 others, or perhaps 2,014 others.

But it's almost 2015, so who has time for that?

If you really enjoy my photos, you might like perusing this online PDF version of Touristry, a collection of Photographic Memories--i.e. travel photos I took--from 2000-2014.

There's also an extensive gallery of photos I took in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires in 2014 that you can access, and if you click the "Photography" label/link atop this blog, you can see various galleries I put together throughout the year.

But saving us all precious time, here are a few of:

The Best Photos I Took in 2014 (not in ranked order)

 And a couple photos taken of me...
 (The first is by my friend Ken and the second by Paolo)

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