Friday, December 19, 2014

The Best of 2014: My Favorite Songs -- A Spotify Playlist

My list of favorite songs of this year is rather different than the other Best of 2014 posts that will populate Seth Saith for much of the next fortnight. 

As opposed to, say, my Favorite Rock Albums of 2014, which I posted yesterday, my song selections will not be a list ranked in preference order, but a Spotify playlist sequenced to make for a (hopefully) nice listen .

Though I have been compiling my "Best Songs" choices for years, I think this is the first time I've included the category in my Seth Saith year-end Best Of barrage.

But having put the compilation together in Spotify, it makes for a rare interactive post that allows people to actually hear my Best Of selections.

And if you don't want to bookmark this post, you can still directly access my Best of 2014 Spotify playlist through a custom URL:

While some people may have already seen and heard this playlist, as of today I've added seven additional songs to my original playlist--and may well add more as I come across worthwhile 2014 tracks that I may have missed.

So if you have some righteous tunes to recommend, please let me know. Otherwise, please enjoy--in no ranked order:

My Favorite Songs of 2014

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