Monday, December 26, 2016

The Best of 2016: My Favorite Songs of the Year -- A Spotify Playlist

The exact rankings of selections on my recent Best Plays, Best Albums and Best Concerts of 2016 lists, and the upcoming Best Musicals and Best Movies aren't all that important. 

Even to me.

Sure, I spend a fair amount of time trying to sort out what I liked a bit more and a bit less--of creations or performances I enjoyed--but not only aren't the berths all that meticulously calibrated, when I look back at past years I'm sometimes surprised to see works I've continued to cherish ranked below others I've largely forgotten. 

The lists themselves are fun for me to peruse long afterwards to recall my artistic highlights from a given year, but exactly what I ranked where becomes even more superfluous as time goes by. 

Which doesn't exactly explain why, as opposed to most of my other year end lists, my choices of Best Songs of 2016 are not presented in ranked order.

Principally, it's because thanks to Spotify, this list is presented in a way so that you can listen to all my choices. And although I could, theoretically, sequence the songs in a ranked order, especially given what I explained above, I prefer to compile them in a way that makes for nice listening.

So hopefully I have.

You can listen directly through the Spotify player embedded below, but you can also find (and bookmark) the playlist through the following URL (i.e. web address) anywhere you have internet access--desktop, laptop or mobile. You must be a registered Spotify user (or become one) but it is both Free and easy.

But since you're already here, for now you can just click play and hear some groovy tunes as you go about your day. Again, the songs are not ranked in any order, but sequenced for what I hope is a pleasant listen.

My Favorite Songs of 2016

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