Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Best of 2017: My Favorite Songs of the Year -- A Spotify Playlist

In actuality, the Seth Saith blog dates back to 2004, with my first real post coming on September 20 of that year.

But though I did write a number of posts over the next few years, I really think of December 2009 as the demarcation for when I stated blogging in earnest.

That's when I began a monthlong series of posts chronicling "My Favorite _____ of the '00s," with categories including albums, concerts, musicals, plays and movies.

Each December since then I've published a "Best of (Year)" series covering these areas and others (generally 5-10 posts).

I begin the "Best of 2017" barrage with "My Favorite Songs of 2017." But not only will I not cite these songs in ranked order--unlike most of the "Best of" posts--I'll provide them as a playable Spotify playlist.

You can play the songs through the interface below, but can also find/bookmark the playlist online through the URL: 2016, 2015, 2014

And should you happen to care, past yearly playlists of favorite songs can be found by clicking each year:

Again, the songs are not ranked in any order, but sequenced for what I hope is a pleasant listen.


My Favorite Songs of 2017

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