Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It's A Shame About Rex

Obviously, it's a shame when a star athlete suffers a season ending injury, particularly if its someone that plays for "your team" and seems classy. That said, I feel particularly bad for Rex Grossman, the Bears second-year quarterback who suffered a season-ending knee injury stretching out for a touchdown in Sunday's game against the Vikings. Along with a new coaching staff that seems much more "human" than the past regimes, Grossman was a large part of my renewed interest in rooting for the Bears. I didn't expect them to be particularly good this year, but I was looking forward to seeing Rex develop in his first year as a starter. Hopefully backup Jonathan Quinn will be watchable and the Bears will be too, at least for awhile, but now I have to wait at least a year to see if Rex will be the quarterback all Bears fans hope he can be.

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