Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Favorite Beautiful Women of the '00s

Having today seen yet another stage production of My Fair Lady, it seems to be a loverly time to herald the famous ladies I find fairest of all. I not sure even I understand the delineation of this disclaimer, by this isn't necessarily a ranking of the most beautiful women of the '00s, but the beautiful women whom I most favor. Hence, no lingerie models nor Megan Fox. In a rough nutshell, these are women--all actresses--for whom I would watch a movie, show or talk show I probably wouldn't otherwise.

I'll provide pictorial support for my selections, though generally just the best pic I could quickly find on Google Images. But if you don't know who any of these women are, look 'em up on IMDB or Wikipedia. And while I acknowledge the one-sided sexism of this category, I welcome anyone to cite their favorite handsome men in the comments.

1. Anne Hathaway

2. Kate Beckinsale

3. Jennifer Connelly

4. Rachel McAdams

5. Aishwarya Rai

6. Eliza Dushku

7. Kristin Kreuk

8. Natalie Portman

9. Josefina Scaglione (Maria in West Side Story on Broadway, 2009. Check out this picture)

10. Rachel Weisz

Honorable Womention:

Keira Knightley

Frieda Pinto

Jordana Brewster

Minka Kelly

Jessica Alba

Eva Longoria Parker

Diane Krueger

Jennifer Morrison

Leighton Meester

Heather Graham

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