Monday, December 14, 2009

My Favorite Stores During the '00s

OK, so today's category isn't the most exciting or revelatory. And unlike the scope of most of my other lists, this isn't a survey of stores that debuted in this decade. But these were the places I most enjoyed shopping at over the last 10 years:

1. - No parking, no store clerks, no lines, no tax and no shipping (on orders over $25). Virtually everything I could ever want to buy and pretty good prices, often from a secondary seller, not Amazon itself.
2. Best Buy - Almost always the best prices on new release CDs & DVDs. A bunch of other good stuff too.
3. Barnes & Noble/Borders - I like B&N slightly better, but both of the big bookstores are great for browsing and wonderful for bargain books. Like the Complete New Yorker Cartoons or a book with every Van Gogh painting in color, each for under $20. (I already have both)
4. Target - I think Walmart's prices are a tad lower, but Target is considerably classier.
5. Walmart - OK, so I don't like the effect they've had on small town America and they notoriously underpay their employees, but I can't deny I like their prices
6. Apple Store - I don't think I've actually bought anything at an Apple store, other than replacement headphones, but I just like it.
7. Kohl's - So, I'm not doing a whole lot of clothes shopping, but when I do I know I can get it on sale at Kohl's
8. Sam's Club - I used to go a lot more when I was getting actual film developed, but they offer great prices on supply-type stuff. And sometimes you can even fill up on the free food samples.
9. Land's End - Their All-Weather Mocs have been my shoe of choice for the last several years. I've bought them through the catalog, online and from their outlet near Yorktown Mall in Lombard.
10. Staples - When I need office supplies, even though I don't have an office, they've become a solid step above Office Max and two steps over Office Depot

And that's about it; other than Jewel, CVS and Walgreen's--more stores of necessity than want--there really isn't anywhere else I've shopped with any sort of repetition.

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