Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Favorite Professional Creations of the '00s

Professionally speaking, I spent most of the '00s as a copywriter and creative director within the realm of recruitment (help wanted) advertising. I also had opportunity to create materials in other modes of advertising and marketing (B2B, consumer, political, retail, etc.).

Listed below are the ads, websites, etc. that I recall most favorably from this decade. Except for the pieces indicated by an asterisk, these are just as much examples showcasing the excellent artists I worked with, primarily Michael, Wendy, Jim and Marissa.

If want to discuss freelance projects or full-time opportunities, as I am still looking for a new job, please get in touch at setharkin@msn.com. And while the links below will show each ad/campaign referenced, it may be easier to see a whole bunch at once at: www.setharkinportfolio.com and www.artofpolitics.info

1. Delta Air Lines - Recruitment Ad Campaign and Website
2. Asurion - Recruitment Ad Campaign and Website
3. Cox Communications - Proposed Recruitment Ad Campaign
4. The Democratic Party of DuPage County - Fundraiser Invitation Flyer*
5. Operation: Turn DuPage Blue - "Propaganda" Poster Series* and Website*
6. Sears - Retail Direct Mail Postcard
7. Mather LifeWays - Recruitment Flyer Targeting High School Students
8. Peapod - Recruitment Ad Campaign
9. Merry Maids - Recruitment Ad Campaign
10. Choice Hotels - Employee Referral Program Branding and Website

Honorable Mention:
Aetna - Recruitment Website
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital - Nurse Recruitment Brochure
Convergys - Recruitment Poster for New Call Center in Texas
Joe Vosicky for State Representative - Political Direct Mail Postcard*
University of Chicago Hospitals - Proposed Recruitment Ad Campaign
Dan Bailey for DuPage County Board - Political Flyer*
RML Specialty Hospital - Recruitment Direct Mail Card for an Open House w/ on-site Masseuse
Chicago BritPop Meetup - Holiday Party Flyer*
Florida Power & Light - Proposed Recruitment Ad Campaign
Frontier Airlines - Proposed Recruitment Ad Campaign
PeopleScout - Business-to-Business Ad
Debt Eraser - Consumer Ad Campaign
Jenny Craig - Recruitment Ad Campaign
Northwest Airlines - Recruitment Ad Campaign
Convergys - Radio Recruitment Ad

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Mike Moyer said...

I love the Mather LifeWays piece!