Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My List of Things I Wouldn't Miss If They Didn't Exist in the '10s

So there are some things I either used to like and now don't, never cared much for, or simply have had enough of. In most cases, I don't really think these things/people, etc. will go away, and I'm not wishing to deprive others of enjoyment, but if I never heard from or about these folks/things in the decade to come, I wouldn't care or would be better off for it.

I will off leave the really obvious (cancer, terrorism, gang violence, natural catastrophes, etc.) and keep this more pithy. Please note that in regards to specific people, I am only hoping for their inconsequence, not their demise (so if I'm on your list, I hope you will feel likewise;)

1. Reality TV
2. SUVs
3. Fox News Channel
4. Twitter
5. Sports Talk by anyone currently doing it
6. ESPN's Chris Berman (I used to like him, but enough already)
7. People chanting "USA! USA!"
8. Beauty Pageants
9. Ryan Secrest
10. Mixed Martial Arts/Ultimate Fighting
11. Professional Wrestling
12. Celebrity Magazines and Websites
13. Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton
14. Shopping Malls
15. Cheerleaders at professional sporting events
16. New Year's Eve celebrations
17. Black Friday "Doorbuster" Sales
18. New Musicals using Old Songs
19. Britney Spears
20. Bowl Games played before January 1

A few things I will miss if they cease to exist:

Print Newspapers
Music CDs with Artwork, Liner Notes, etc.
Customer Service Reps, particularly at the Airlines
Baseball tickets for under $40

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