Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My Favorite ________ of the '00s

From now until December 31, 2009--i.e. the end of the decade--I intend to post my thoughts on the best this, that and the other thing of the '00s. I will try to do this every day, doubling up perhaps if I skip a day, and my posts should also feed to my Facebook page.

I am labeling these lists My Favorite (Blank) of the '00s, for I have certainly not seen every movie, heard every album or read every book (might need help with this category) released in the decade, and don't claim to have scholarly critical abilities. However, "My Favorite" will often equate to "What I Think Were The Best" from some sort of critical perspective and not simply a personal one. Occasionally I will deviate from "My Favorite..." to cover things like "Biggest News Stories" or even "Worst Events."

In addition to hoping some of you will enjoy reading my opinions, I also hope that you will share your own (and not simply of the "You suck" or "This is boring" variety). Even if you have to come back to a category after giving it thought for a couple of days, I would love to read what you think were "the best" or where you agree and disagree with my picks.

Please look for "My Favorite Movies of the '00s" as my first list tomorrow, Dec. 2.

Thanks and enjoy,

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